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That is so Getsbian!

Am I the only LGBT person who finds the word “queer” offensive? It just strikes me as being a divisive, derogatory word that seems to say that LGBT people are inherently different than the rest of the “normal” population. I think “queer” inherently makes people see LGBT persons as different or weird. That being said, it is now time for a new word, an inclusive word that will replace “queer.”

As I was working on an assignment for my Introduction to Critical Sexuality Studies class, and I accidentally wrote “gesbian” instead of “gay and lesbian.” At first I thought it was funny and laughed at it, but as I looked at the word, I thought “that is a much better word than queer.” While talking to my friend Michael about this, we decided that in order to include transgendered people, we would add a T in the middle to make it “getsbian.” In addition, I feel, as a bisexual female, that getsbian is inclusive of the entire LGBT community, and not just gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered individuals because it does not name any one specific group


Do These Pants Make My Ass Look Bisexual?

This is a post from another blog I posted in from school, but I thought it was important, so I’m reblogging it here!

Unruly Bodies

Why does what I’m wearing define my sexual orientation? I’m a 22-year old female, and I often change the way I dress, even on a day-to-day basis. I may feel like wearing a tight skirt, heels, make-up, and jewelry and shaving my legs on Monday. On Tuesday I might wear sweatpants and a T-shirt and throw my hair in a messy bun, and on Wednesday I may wear a baggy pair of guy’s jeans with paint stains on them, a tank top, and skater shoes but do my hair in a cute way. I enjoy dressing in any way that makes me feel comfortable, and I usually do.

But recently, I got a girlfriend, and even though I dress the same way I’ve always dressed, with my same unique style I’ve always had, I’ve heard some interesting comments, even from people that I know care about me and aren’t trying…

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