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Question 6

So lately I’ve been working on Question 6, which in the simplest words would allow gay marriage in Maryland. The referendum allows gays and lesbians to get a civil marriage license at a courthouse, or get married in a church that supports the marriage, but also protects religious freedom. No church has to allow any two people to get married if they do not see fit, whether those people are heterosexual or homosexual.

Like many people, I look forward to the day when I’ll get to wear a white dress and my dad will walk me down the aisle. I don’t understand the problems with gay marriage if it doesn’t trample on your religious beliefs. What difference does it make if the person at the end of the aisle is wearing a suit or a dress?

Besides, look how happy these people are:

How could you want to deny them their right to get married? These people are so happy! Don’t you want to be happy and don’t you want other people to be happy? I know I’m young and ambitious, but I hope there never comes a day when I feel it is my right to deny other people their rights.

Maryland is only one state, but if we can pass question 6, it gives me hope that gay marriage will pass in other states as well.

One reason I want gay marriage to pass is that, as a teacher, there are kids in the guards and bands that I teach who are gay. What am I supposed to tell them? That they are worth less as people than the people in the band who happened to be born heterosexual and their rights will be denied because of it? I have no answers for them.

The good news from tonight is that most people I talked to were in favor of question 6. But we have to keep fighting, because this is a fight we could lose. And that’s a terrible future for this country’s children.


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