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That is so Getsbian!

Am I the only LGBT person who finds the word “queer” offensive? It just strikes me as being a┬ádivisive, derogatory word that seems to say that LGBT people are inherently different than the rest of the “normal” population. I think “queer” inherently makes people see LGBT persons as different or weird. That being said, it is now time for a new word, an inclusive word that will replace “queer.”

As I was working on an assignment for my Introduction to Critical Sexuality Studies class, and I accidentally wrote “gesbian” instead of “gay and lesbian.” At first I thought it was funny and laughed at it, but as I looked at the word, I thought “that is a much better word than queer.” While talking to my friend Michael about this, we decided that in order to include transgendered people, we would add a T in the middle to make it “getsbian.” In addition, I feel, as a bisexual female, that getsbian is inclusive of the entire LGBT community, and not just gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered individuals because it does not name any one specific group


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